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Bugfixed translation to English of Dragon Quest III for Super Nintendo

Crackowia published yesterday the first English translation patch for Dragon Quest III for SNES that fixes every bug in the game; these were present in the only finished translation from Japanese to English that existed of this ROM, made by DQTranslations in 2009. Fixed by Rod Mérida, these bugs included the corruption and disappearing of saved games, under certain circumstances that could be easily triggered by random players; and the fact that many female dealers' item descriptions were messed, and didn't match with the right object, making this ability of our dealer partially unplayable if she was a woman. One of these item messed descriptions could even freeze our game, or at least glitch it heavily, making us a disaster. All of this is fixed now, and fully playable. This patch also avoids the random disappearing of items in our Bag after sorting it.

Other additional bugs that this addendum patch fixes is the disappearing of two key paragraphs in the narration during the ending sequence. These have been restored by merging them with other existing paragraphs from this narration that did appear.

This patch is based on the DQTranslations work. It has been produced over an already English-patched Dragon Quest 3 ROM of 6 MB. It's essentially their translation with the addition of those necessary fixes to make our English-patched ROM fully playable.

To produce an English bugfixed DQ3 ROM, this patch must be applied over a headerless row Japanese Dragon Quest III (SNES) ROM. The application of this patch over an English-patched ROM translated by DQTranslations is also possible, always this is based on the version 1.1 of their translation, and CRC32 checksum number of the English ROM we're going to patch is 07B89251 (that can be checked by opening the ROM with ZSNES emulator).

Done during 25th December of 2021, the authorship of these bugfixes belong to (c) R. Mérida, from Crackowia translation group.

Download links:

Patch for translating to English and bugfixing Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e... [Japan] for SNES (apply over a headerless original ROM).

Version of the patch compatible with SNES Mini's default emulator Canoe (Mirror link), requires beat to be applied.

See patch instructions in the "Read Me" text file

Patch application tools

SNESTOOL for MS-DOS, for applying patches in .ips format.

LunarIPS for Windows, for applying patches in .ips format, too.

Beat for Windows, for applying patches in .bps format.

Tush for Windows. It allows to remove or add the .SMC 512 byte header in Super Nintendo ROMs. You might need it.

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ZSNES for Windows

Snes9x for Windows

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